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Welcome to and its first blog post. My name is Christopher Herriot. I created this website to keep followers updated on new developments at my optometric practice North Peace Optometry Clinic as well as eyecare in general. 

The optometrist blogger


About me

I am married with two boys, ages 9 and 2. We live in Fort St. John, a small down in Northeastern British Columbia. My wife and I met here in 2002; at the time we were drawn to the city because it provided great opportunities for young people to work. Today we enjoy it because of the community spirit that we are immersed in. We are connected to the school that my child attends and the families that go there – my wife Kelly volunteers as the hot lunch coordinator; we are connected to the minor hockey community where I’ve coached my oldest son for the last 4 years – and soon I’ll begin a coaching career for my youngest son; we feel connected to members of our extended family that live in the area.

Fort St. John is also a great region for the outdoor enthusiasts. We enjoy camping, fishing, and ATVing. Last summer I enjoyed offering a travelling eye clinic to the Doig River, Prophet River, and Blueberry River First Nations communities. There are many young families in our community and plenty of park space so it is nice for our kids to be able to play outside.

I hope that you enjoy the blog page. Please feel free to post comments and add you input. Please ensure that what you write is tasteful and respectful.

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